Monday, April 05, 2004

It was mom's birthday today and every minute she was home she reminded us of it. It's kind of cute because it is her special day, she didn't know what time she was born so daddy got her birth certificate and found out she was born at 3 am. My grandma doesn't even remember that! We took mom out to Islands for dinner it was fun. Then we got home and had some left over cake from the surprise birthday party we gave her on Saturday and of course sang to her. Another year younger she likes it when we say that! :)
I went to my interning class today seems like forever since I have been there, they did an activity were they had to write on paper a question like: who is your favorite singer? And each one had to go around and write their answers on each other's papers if that makes sense, then graph the results. One of the guys said who is your favorite wrestler but nobody knew wrestler because they don't watch wrestling. I watched WWF or whatever it's called with Jojo all the time when I went to Grand Canyon. We would hang out in the dorm and watch Goldberg he was our favorite wrestler. Jojo's brother Kofe was married to Jerry Kalangilo's (I don't know how to spell his last name) daughter so once we got to go to WWF and we had a blast it was so much fun! Anyways, I was telling the boy who asked that question that I like Goldberg and he was like "does he even wrestle anymore?" I was like, "I don't know!" I was trying to be with it and know what I am talking about just to get shot down, I almost was cool for a little bit. hee hee.
I keep seeing puppies everywhere it's just not fair. Everybody knows I want a mastiff puppy why does it get rubbed in my face by the whole world? Well not the whole world, but I've been seeing lots of puppies everywhere, then dad or mom comes home and tells me a story about a puppy. I think it's intentional they want to see how many buttons to push before I go crazy. But if I did it wouldn't matter I still wouldn't get my Samson. Again I have to be patience, (sigh).


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