Saturday, April 10, 2004

Mom and I just came back from Park Regency, I've been putting it off going there (the nursing home) not for good reasons mind you, just because I am scared. Well my Ruthy isn't there anymore, that's exactly what I was afraid of. She pasted away a couple of months ago, I guess it's a good thing because she wanted to go. She said that what's the point of living when you are ninety-one and you've already lived a full life? I loved her so much, I loved sitting and listening to her tell me stories of how she was a pastor's daughter, and how her momma was a singer. She would sometime forget what she told me in the middle of a sentence and tell the story all over again but it didn't matter. She was a stinker, she wouldn't let anyone in to talk to her besides me and a few others. She never went to the activities we had going on, so sometimes I would sing to her songs that we sang at the sing-a-long, she would always ask how old I was because I shouldn't know those songs because I am too young. She loved to read and spell, I took her to a spelling contest that the other residents where doing but it was no competition because she knew every word, and I even looked a hard one up in the dictionary! My favorite thing about her was she had one tooth, she said that as long as she has that one she doesn't need to get dentures. She also said that her dad told her that if you rub gin on your gums you'd get a whole third set of teeth, so she was waiting for her third set to get in. Her favorite thing to eat was green olives, chocolate, and cheese so of course I would spoil her when she was running low. She also told me that she wished her father could have met me cuz he would like me a lot, I loved to look in her eyes when she said that because you could see how much she loved me then. I could sit and hold her hand forever. I could of had one more chance if I went sooner to see her. She will always hold a special place in my heart, she will be my Ruthy. I was there to bless her but in the end she was the one who made my life better, she was the one who no matter what kind of day it was could make me feel so special and loved. I'll miss you Ruthy, thanks for all the good memories. I love you.


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