Saturday, April 24, 2004

My family and I went to a wedding today, it was a beautiful ceremony. It was a lady that Andre and my parent's know from the YMCA. The guy actually sang to his girl, it was in spanish so I didn't understand what he was saying very well, but his wife's name is Flor or Flower and he was thanking God in the song for giving us Flowers. It was awesome! Me and my brothers were planning for the future, it was kind of funny. Gabe said he is going to be real good at piano by then so he will play a song for us my husband and I. Andre says that he wants to scuba dive for the reception dinner in his wedding which will be lobsters, yeah right that's a lot of lobster! It's just funny talking about getting married and stuff like that when you don't even have someone in your life yet. The odd thing about this wedding though was that they didn't give rings and they didn't dance at the end. No dancing! I couldn't believe it because they are Mexicans! Oh well. It was still a good reception.


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