Sunday, July 11, 2004

The day is here!!! New York here we come then Ireland here we come!! Ok so I tried to get some sleep and ended up getting exactly one hour, woo hoo. Hopefully I can sleep on the plane. Well everybody keep us in your prayers, I will miss you all. Have a great three weeks till I see you again!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

I can't believe that Ireland is only four days away, it seems like we have been waiting forever to get to this place. I don't know what to expect but I know that with God it will be good. I just pray that he will be able to use all of us for his glory. The greatest thing ever is that we have so many people who love us enough to pray and lift us up while we are there. That is awesome.
I'm going to miss my family, they said they are going to replace me when I am gone, hee hee with a dog! I am all for that, how cool would it be to come home to a little puppy? I'm not complaining one bit!

I have gotten to know new Amy a lot better during the last month it has been awesome. She is so happy that she has someone to call whenever she wants to talk. She keeps saying that three weeks is a long time, I can't believe you will be gone for three weeks! I told her that if she really wants to she can leave phone messages on my cell phone so when I get back I can check them, she just thought I was funny. Oh well. It is nice to know you will be missed.

I am so happy that before we leave we get to have karaoke night and I won't have to miss it. That is the one thing I look forward to, it's funny because I was bummed last time that we ended so early I told Mike how I felt and he was like I'm old you do it next time! I was like ok! But no, it was just a suggestion. So I think it is going to be a little later I'm not sure how much though. Not many people get as excited as I do about karaoke night, it's ok though because Andre and Gabe like to sing with me. I think it's the greatest time in the world.