Saturday, April 30, 2005

I need help, this is my last week of student teaching and I am trying to make a power point presentation for my first graders to say goodbye. I have all the pictures of both semesters I've been with them, I want to do this as a way for me to say goodbye that is kind of like a gift to the class, I need to have a song that the power point goes with but I am having a difficult time picking a song that says, goodbye I'll miss you. So if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

Friday, April 29, 2005

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Results from the allergy test are in: I'm not allergic to Dreke! Hooray! That was the first thing I asked them to check. I totally wasn't prepared for the way they check for the allergies, I asked if they were shots and she said no just pricks. Apparently they can't warn you every single time you get poked so I was a little jumpy, not because it hurt but I think I am ticklish on some parts of my back. I liked getting a twenty minute nap though so they could figure out what I am allergic to, each time she came back I would get updated on whether I was allergic to my dog. Funny thing is the doctor wouldn't look me in the eyes because she said I was making her eyes hurt, well that is kind of the point of why I was there. It just happened to be a bad day and my eyes were very red, it happens especially when you have allergies. So this is what I am allergic to: (get ready it's a long list)
Mountain Cedar
Orchard grass
Arizona ash
June grass
Chinese elm
Cultivated oats
Scrub Oats
Eucalyptus blue
Mesquite tree
Desert ragweed
Lens scale
Spiny pigweed
Lambs quarter
Common sagebrush
Western ragweed
Short ragweed
Russian thistle
Careless weed
A mold called Alternara tenius
Fusarium vasin fectum
Curvularia specifera
House dust mite
Cigarette Tobacco

On top of all that lovely stuff I have a sinus infection hence the headaches, swollen glands, and what not. So starting next week I get to take some allergy shots to get immune to all the things I am allergic to, I also have some other medicine that she says should be working very soon! So hooray, there is hope!!!!
Thank you all for you prayers, they are greatly appreciated. I couldn't have done it without you. Keep praying that these medicines will work and that I will have a quick recovery.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mom and I Posted by Hello

Ok so I am done with my test, I thought I was going to be there till 5:30 but I didn't sign up for the Arizona Constitution test, argh! Now I have to wait till June 11. Oh man, that is just discouraging. I was so hoping to be all ready for next year by having my tests done, granted I pass. But the first one wasn't as bad as I thought, so thank you Lord for helping me through, so now we just wait for the results. hmmm. I love waiting.

Today I am taking the teacher's test, I really need your prayers because I am nervous. I don't want that to affect my answers. So please pray hard today till about 5:30. :) I will keep you posted on how it went.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

What a weekend! Non-stop it seems like, I have to go to school for a break. This Friday was awesome because we had dinner with the college group at Buca de Bepo's (sp?), lets just say they have some amazing food, the company was fabulous as well.
I got to go to driving school bright and early on Saturday and listen to this lovely guy talk about safe driving, it is not bad really but it is way to long to sit. Learned a lot, hopefully I won't see him in two years :)
Then on Saturday around 6ish my dad threw a surprise birthday party for my mother's 50th birthday, there were a lot of people there she was so happy. It was lots of fun, my dad made taquitos with steak very very good. So my mom has a lot of crazy friends from church and when they get together they are unstoppable, they make jokes, they tease each other, its so funny. I was great for all of them to be together.
If that is not enough on Saturday at 10:50 at night we went to my brother's soccer game, they played very well regardless of the time, Gabe scored twice and Andre once. I always get so proud of my brothers.
Today (Sunday), I got to sleep in till 8:40 a.m. then woke up to a wet kiss by Dreke, I love it. He likes to say good morning that way. Church was awesome, I really liked the sermon about the fog.
Tomorrow I have an observation with my supervisor but the thing is that he is coming for half of the day instead of just one lesson. So as soon as the kids get there in the morning my supervisor will be there and he doesn' t leave until lunch. I need some prayer that I will do well and not be too stressed about it, and that the kids will behave properly. Or if they don't that I will be able to get them on the right track.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I'm off to bed.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Today was supposed to be the day I got my eyes checked, but other things came up. I forgot to sign up for driving school after my accident a month ago and my court hearing was today, oops not good at all. So I had to call yesterday after school to see if there was any way to get an extension on the ticket, so I didn't get into trouble by the law. The lady at the court said that I needed to actually go in and get a paper signed in order to receive the extension, it was already 4:30, I asked what time it closes, wouldn't you know it closed at 5 and it takes more than a half an hour to get there. My court hearing was at 9 a.m. so I had to hurry to get in before then luckily the place opened at 8 a.m.. So all is good I got the papers and I actually called after school for driving school, but the thing that kind of stinks is that I really needed to see the eye doctor. But what can I do? Would I rather get in trouble with the law or figure out whats wrong with my eyes? Well I rescheduled my appointment so I only have to wait two more weeks for my doctors apointment so all turned out well.
On the way back to school I kind of did a detour, well I think I was lost, I ended up almost at Saguaro Lake, I think God just wanted to bless me with the beauty of his creation, isn't that nice?
It's been a fun and exciting day let me tell you. I won something from the carnival I attended at the school last friday, it was kind of funny. I always used to say I never win anything I guess my luck has changed. Anyways, I got a gift certificate to Starbucks. To bad I don't really go there that much, but hey now I can!
Well I better go to bed before my eyes close thiemselves. Sleep Sweet all!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!
You don't look 50 at all! I love you lots! Have fun being pampered tonight, hope you are blessed as much as you bless us!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

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Friday, April 01, 2005

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