Thursday, June 30, 2005

Last night at youth they had a talent show, I love stuff like that it is always great to see what gifts God gives to people. So the leaders weren't suppsoed to do anything but I was allowed to sing for fun, of course it was Moulin Rouge because Ben and I love it. It didn't matter that we didn't get the words down it was lots of fun I was getting embarassed with Ben on his knees singing like a crazy man, ha ha. Thanks Ben, you made my night. I was very impressed though with this one girl who made up her own song and played on the piano singing as well, I almost was in tears because it is so beautiful to see stuff like that. Also with four guys who were playing and singing as well, just brilliant if you ask me.
After I got to go and practice my salsa dancing, I'm so spoiled now because I have lots of people who like to dance in my life and want to do it to get better. I just am so happy to get a chance to really learn.
After salsa dancing Nicole and I decided to go to my house so go swimming, well I had been swimming earlier so I just watched Allyson, Lyndsey, Andre, and Nicole. I guess Andre and Nicole made a bet that if she caught a cockroach he would eat it, so that is what happened she found the biggest ugliest one ever quite digusting, he said it tasted like dirt, well yeah he has been walking in it. After swimming Nicole wanted to watch Moulin Rouge, it was late but how can I say no to that?! I love that movie!! Also I didn't have to go to work till noon so I was good. It was a great night, I went to sleep singing. And woke up singing but that's not odd, for me anyways.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I brought Derek over to my house to play with my puppy, I really needed to help clean my house so it is a good way for both us to do what we want, he also gets to watch a soccer game with Andre so that is cool.
My Jojo called yesterday, I miss him a lot, he is in town but we haven't gotten together for lunch or dinner yet. I went to see him at his graduation but I had to leave early because I took the boys I nanny for and they needed to be at a birthday party so I wasn't able to stay for the whole ceremony. Yesterday I talked to him asking when we are going to hang out again, he was like, "don't give up on me Cela, be patient." hee hee I guess he has been busy I just told him that I miss being apart of his world like we used to in college, we used to hang out everyday playing piano and singing together in the music room, anyways he said that we will hang out soon and not to give up hope, my dad calls him a romanctic the way he phrases his words. It's weird because as life goes on your friends come and go , as much as you would like it to be the same relationship and friendships people grow up not having as much time or freedom to do things that they really want. Does life really have to be that way? I don't know. But just as Jojo said that even though we are away from each other we will always be apart of each other lives no matter what, that makes me happy.
I am very excited I heard that my best friend Jen is expecting her first baby! She was here for my graduation and she was telling me that they were going to wait she was planning on going back to school, but how cool is this surprise?! My two best girlfriends are expecting so exciting for me, Sharon is due in August I want to be there for her but I don't know if I will be teaching by then or not. It just stinks that they are so far away that I can't go over to their houses to be with them during this time. Oh well I can still pray and see pictures. :)

Monday, June 27, 2005

I am supposed to be in bed but I can't sleep at the moment, I was just thinking how blessed I am lately. I have randomly been praying for certain things and they have been answered. Like for our group on Friday we prayed that people would show up and it was a great turn out lots of food with good fellowship my kind of hangout.
I sometimes forget to thank God but I try to remember everytime I have a prayer answered. I think the boys that I nanny for think I am weird sometimes because I will be on the couch praying with my eyes open so they think I am talking to myself, hee hee. They ask who I am talking to I just say God.
Lately though I have been just so thankful that I am feeling better, a couple of months ago I couldn't even open my eyes or drive at night because of the allergies/arthritis and God has been healing me from that. I have been playing water volleyball, been dancing, swimming, you name it and I am not hurting! God is so good to me, I normally would have been in so much pain that I could hardly walk. Another answer to prayers, thanks for all of you who do pray for me all the time it means a lot to me.
Lord, I just want to praise you for all you are doing in my life, thank you for the healing that has been going on, thank you for all the love you show me through people from church and college group. You always amaze me by showing up in ways I could never imagine. I love you! Amen.

I would suggest that if you want to meet people or to just do something fun during the week, to go dancing. Even if you aren't good or don't know how you can learn! Andre, DD, Alan, Bryan, and I went to a salsa place last night kind of like Kyote Ballroom where they teach you how to dance before then you can practice for the next two hours with music. Ok so you don't dance with just one partner which is kind of weird but it is also good because you get used to different ways that people dance and how they learn. I was getting too excited though when I would get a move down, I was like good job to the guy I was dancing with. I like learning new moves and being able to put them into use, it is so much fun. But ohmy what a work out. It was cool because after we learned one part of the dance we got to stay around and practice, normally Andre would get mad at me when we ware dancing because I guess I am not that good of a follower but this time we danced well together and we had a blast. So if you want something to do go dancing, have fun with friends, good times good times.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I started a new work out program I am happy to say, my father would ask me jokingly everyday, "so Cela when are you going to start working out?" "Tomorrow was my reply" he would just laugh. It isn't as intense as what my brothers do but hey it is excercise and I love it. I get up in the morning and do my dancing (I'm trying to learn some latin dancing through a video I bought) then I go do laps in the pool with the boys I nanny for, plus whatever we do as an activity during the day so far we have been pretty active. What makes me more excited is that I am sore but it isn't arthritis sore it is muscles!! Baby ones, yes but still.
Ok so I went bowling yesterday, those who know me know that I don't bowl because of my wrist well I hate having to sit on the side lines so I was trying to figure out a way to make it work, if I throw the ball with both hands and kind of spin it I found I could actually hit some pins. First game I got a whole 25 points, second 53, third 70. I was doing something right but more importantly I was having fun doing something that I wasn't sure I could do. I am hoping that I will be more brave with others things that I have been leery to do maybe I will try ice skating but I think I really need to be in good shape so I don't fall and pop my hip.
The water fight was lots of fun last night, there were two boys who randomly were there and we didn't even know them but they were talking smack hitting us with the guns getting us soaked. They were all proud because they had been there since three and their parents were going to let them stay till seven, hee hee they were little. What I enjoyed most was that the teens were having fun getting each other soaked, it used to be a rule that you can't get me wet but I guess that was last year, I don't mind though I was getting people wet as well with my itty bitty gun. It's amazing how much fun and great life can be when you let yourself risk a little, allow yourself to look outside of the box. God is great!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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Monday, June 06, 2005

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

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We had a good turn out last night for the first college group back from break, I think it was like 12 people. We worshipped for awhile then got to pray for each other, it was fun. I had fun playing pool with Jenny, she was pretending to not know how to play or hold a stick but I think she was trying to trick me because she did a great job.
So after some of us went to the local burger joint, In-n-Out and had a snack. I like hanging out for the after party.
Then my friend Allyson decided we should go see a movie (it was 11) so I was like ok let's go, we went to the Stapley theaters they didn't have the movie that I wanted to see. We wanted to see Cinderella Man, then we went to Chandler Harkins it was closed, she find out there is a 11:40 showing at Metro Harkins but it was in Phoenix!! We went to get gas and would of had like ten minutes to get to Phoenix from Chandler so we decided to go to the 12:40 showing of Cinderella Man at Arizona Mills, I don't do things on the spur of the moment ususally so this was so crazy for me. We had to wait a little bit for 12:40 to come because we got to the mall about 11:30ish maybe earlier so we decide to go to Gameworks, it was 18 or older to get in. The guy checking ID's saw Allyson's and was like you aren't 18, she was like uh yes I am. He was like no, you are 18 and three months, for a moment I thought he was seriously not going to let us in. So we hang out for awhile then decide we want to get snacks for the movie, so we go to a gas station to load up. I'm seriously not this crazy to do all this things at midnight but with Allyson it is like I'm 18 again, ha ha. We got back and it was time to watch the movie, it was a great one, we were boxing each other in our seats. What a great night. Thanks Allyson you make me feel young again! (hee hee like I'm so old)

Friday, June 03, 2005

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