Monday, April 03, 2006

Its been awhile since I've blogged, a long while. I guess its cuz I think I'm always saying the same things, haha. Well needless to say life has been quite interesting in the last five or six months. I did graduate from ASU with a degree in Elementary Education but that road to becoming a teacher is a little delayed. In Arizona they make you take a teaching certification test well there are two, well I got through one but having troubles with the second, still. Its been awhile, but I think God does things for reasons, I know he does. In the meantime I got the opportunity to work in a habilitation center for people with specail needs, they were the greatest blessing. Every day no matter what, you were guaranteed to be loved on to be cared about, to feel specail by these wonderful beautiful people. I found that whatever mood you are in you come out feeling happy because God always finds ways to show you that he loves you. Crazy thing is I was going in to that job to bless them. My health hasn't been kind to me as many of you know and unfortuneately I am madly allergic to cigarette smoke, well a lot of my co-workers there smoke and they didn't care that it affected me. I would go in to work with bloodshot eyes it made my vision blurry. On top of that I already have dry eye because of my arthritis so I went to the doctor and he said I need to get out of the smoke. So very regrettfully I had to leave those people that I had grown to love so much, it was hard because it was such a great job. I miss Karaoke/Dance fridays with my clients. During the process of looking for a new job and getting my eyes better I decided that I wanted to do something that I love, guess what I found? I bet you can't guess! I found a place where they do private dance lessons! And come to find out they are Christain! Again God is good to me. Dancing is good for my bones and its something I've always wanted to do. Its been a blast, I was scared though to tell my instructor that I have arthritis because I don't want to be treated differently. Well today during my lesson it came out he wanted me to get loose but sometimes I can't, its not because I am nervous or anything. I would move my hips the way he tells me too but I only got one, haha. So we will see if I get treated differently, I don't want to be babied over ya know? I want to be taught just like any other person, my instructor was sad for me I could tell. I know I am young but again God does things for a purpose and reason. This one I don't know the reason, what I do know is that I can be compassionate to those who deal with pain and suffer like I do. I did find a job last week, it is in a nursing home. Again, I love it, young or old it doesn't matter I just love getting to make people smile. I get to help out with activities like bingo, sing a longs, horse racing, so much fun. I love just sitting and talking because there are some really good stories and such wisdom from people there. Does God know me or what? Everytime I think that I don't have anywhere to go he leads me to a place that is just awesome. I totally can relate to these people although they get mad because I can relate to painful bones, they are like, " you are too young, honey!" But I do know! I promise! haha. There is nothing like kisses from the King everyday, life sometimes goes in every which direction but our heavenly Father is always trying to get our attention and bless us with his little kisses.
Thank you God for your kisses, sometimes I don't even know I'm getting them, you are amazing and I am so in love with you. Thank you for holding me in your arms every step of the way, thank you for being my everything. Cela