Saturday, September 02, 2006

I have not been here in a long while! I am so sorry to everyone! So let me see what's going on in my life? The last thing I talked about was my medication and the insurance for work, I was really worried about that. So I get my insurance it doesn't cover my enbrel but there is a specialty drug program through my insurance that helps out with those kinds of drugs. I got my medicine and turns out it is a lot better than what I was paying for co-pay before, the best thing about it is that instead of going to the pharmacy I get it delivered to my door! Wow! That's awesome!
I went to Botswana Africa in July it was the most amazing experience I have had, I knew that I wanted to go to Africa and now I know why. The people are incredible, the culture is great, even the food is excellent, haha. My favorite part was going to church and seeing everyone worship. I know its silly but there is something about seeing a whole church of people singing, dancing, with no shame or guilt praising God with all their hearts it was beautiful. It was cool to see how no matter where you are in the world we still serve the same God, we still love the same God, and he loves us. The children blessed us everyday, we had to walk about a miile or so back and forth to the daycare center we were helping fix up, the kids on the road would run out of their houses or stop what they were doing to run and say hello or to walk with us. When we were at the daycare they would sit outside the fence dancing, singing, playing futbol, waiting for us to come and play as well. We would play a dancing game with them, it was so much fun because all the little ones would get into it too shaking their bums, :) I am praying about going back someday, and am seriously thinking about teaching over there, not necessarily Botswana but some part of Africa. So pray that God's will be done, if I am to go then so be it, if he wants me to teach here pray that I will pass that last test or give me the desire to take it again. But these are excititng times, God is working in various ways, I was able to share about Africa at work with DD, I am able to share with various people, what a great opportunity to share about God!


  • Yeh! Sounds like you had an amazing time. The pictures you brought back made me want to go to Africa and see those children myself. Those children were so blessed by you all being there. We are glad to have you all back safe and sound, though!

    By Blogger Stacey L., at 3:30 PM  

  • I still haven't gotten to see all those pictures. ;)

    I'm so glad things worked out with your insurance! What a great answer to prayer! God is awesome!

    I will continue to pray that God would open doors for you and lead you to where your heart is. That would be so cool if you got to teach in Africa!

    By Blogger On Wings Like Eagles, at 8:21 AM  

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